Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Temples, Churches & Castles
On Saturday I was at Alperton Baptist church talking with them about youth & children's ministry stuff. I know it's a large Gujarati population and knew there was a temple opposite the church, but (and the photo does it no justice) was struck by the detail and intricacy of the architecture of the new temple building. (click pic to see larger). It raises some big questions about outreach, being a good neighbour and approaches to ministry in a multi-faith context. (This conference with the great title "Is evangelism a sin?" looks like a good exploration of the issues)

After preaching at my home church on Sunday we set out with some friends to Wales for a bit of a Bank Holiday chill out. As it was it seems we got much better weather being away from London.
We checked out Powys Castle which was fantastic. Huge gardens and grounds, and a great castle to tour. All in all a good get away.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This video brings a poignant, sobering global perspective to notions of God's blessing and the purpose being filled with the Holy Spirit.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Charismatics, Florida and the "R" word
Lots of blog chatter about Todd Bentley and the stuff happening in Florida (here's the offical site, lots on You Tube). Seems stuff also happening in Dudley (yes the West Midlands!!).
Such things leading again to talk of revival and renewal. I guess it's over 10 years since the peak of the Toronto and Pensicola stuff...
Most helpful reflections I've come across are here from Dr Bendan McCarthy and here from RobbyMac.

Be interesting to see where this goes...

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Been a busy weekend.
Training sessions in Bromley and Ruislip, and preaching & leading at my home church
Some good stuff happening with churches in terms of youth ministry, people asking good questions and keen to engage and make a difference with young people.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

DJ Pete's return
Yesterday I dusted off my turntable, CD decks and mixer.
It was the 70th anniversary celebration for a local church I have connections with, and they had a party with music from the last 7 decades. So I got to spin some tunes for them, from "We'll meet again" through to Beatles, disco classics, even the dreaded Birdie Song. Was much fun, and plenty of dancing (even without alcohol).

Today I was doing a Pentecost service for another church also celebrating their Sunday School's 99th Anniversary!

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nice day for a trip to the peak district
Today the sun was shining. So it was good day to be going to Cliff College for a research conference.
The day started (after the drive up the M1) with Professor Elaine Graham giving a lecture on "Word made flesh: Becoming a practical Theologian", which was worth getting there for.
Then we had "colloquia" giving outlines and discussing our dissertations. I'm way behind most of those who presented in terms of how far I've got (partly because when I joined the course I only signed up for PG Dip but have since jumped in to the full MA). Some good questions being examined, from the role of Bishops in post-war Sudan, to sci-fi show Firefly (see this blog).
Then it was back down the M1 with the sun still shining.
Good stuff.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Assembly Reflections
Several bloggers reflecting on the Baptist Assembly.
Andy here, Geoff here.

I confess to enjoying the annual gathering. Being in the Norbreck Castle made it easier for socialising/networking and catching up with people compared to other venues where people are rushing back to separate hotels (plus the advantage of not having to find food places at 5pm, and places to go after hours). In terms of the content of the Assembly, I've heard the usual mix of moans and joys. There are things I thought could have been better, but I never know if that's about where I'm at at the moment or the event itself!


Thursday, May 01, 2008

London Mayoral and Assembly elections today.
Will Ken Livingstone remain in power? Pundits predicting a tight race.
Be interesting to see how things pan out and if it makes much difference "on the ground". Not sure whether 5 more years of Ken is a good thing or not, but then Boris is also a strange choice!
Results tomorrow.


Bank holiday Baptists in Blackpool
It's Baptist Assembly time again. This year's theme is "a hope and future" and we gather in Blackpool, for the annual mix of seminars, main sessions of worship and teaching, AGM and business and catching up with people. Prism, the alternative stream is also running again.
Should be good...