Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fringe Benefits
Back at work today, getting into stuff again...
Spent a week or so up in Edinburgh, partly for festival, partly to visit friends and family and mainly to chill out!
Was a good time.
As well as the chaos of the Royal Mile with street performers and everyone plugging their shows (and a gazillion flyers), we went to some fun stuff.
Pippa Evans, a friend of ours from Ealing was v.funny, and nominated best newcomer for the IF awards.
Tim Vine also proved amusing, and clean!
We also caught some jazz and some BMXing/skating/free running, which was cool.

A good time (except the stomach bug, but we can overlook that!).

Friday, August 08, 2008

Maybe its because I'm a Londoner...
Just read this:
"Every Christian denomination should be on the alert for London; it is the first duty of Londoners themselves, but believers in the country are also concerned in the right condition of the metropolis. London is in some respects the very heart of the world; it influences every land, its vice is a plague to the whole human race, and its religion may be a balm to the remotest lands. London must be the Lord's; we long to see it set as a gem in the diadem of Jesus, as the Kohinoor among his crown jewels."

Amen! These are Spurgeon's words from 1875.
But how we need that to be our prayer today...

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