Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Transition and Change

After over 6 years I think it’s time to wind up this old blog.

There’s not been much posting in recent months, because I’ve been in a time of transition.

When the blog started in 2004 the focus was youth ministry, emerging church, church, and random personal ramblings. Since then Twitter has become my place for the random stuff. And by the start of next month, after many years, younger generations will no longer be my main ministry focus.

My role at the London Baptist Association will come to and end, and from Sept 1st I will take up a position as a local Baptist church minister in South London.

Some youth ministry people may see it as “selling out”. But for me the last few years have primarily been about church – helping churches be what they are called to be, which includes mission to and with the younger generations. And now its time to focus on a local church and see what God will open up, across the generations.

So that’s the story, and the end of this blog.

But when one blog dies another begins, so a new blog will come online, here:

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