Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Church Forms
When I started this blog in 2004 part of exploration in thinking was around emerging church, new ways of church etc. Since then courses have developed (such as Cliff College's MA) to equip and resource people around the emerging church and contextualising church in a 21st century mission context (or before anyone else points it out, to think about how church flows from mission in this context).

And new experiments are happening.

And all this is definitely different in the UK than USA (even the language has different overtones).

But I was beginning to wonder what ever happened to this thing.Various people have commented how the "movement" has changed (see Andrew Jones post here).
And then I was encouraged at Baptist Union Council to hear a re-newed emphasis on church planting. Perhaps easier to encourage then resource? Never the less the intention seems to be there.

And "inherited" churches seem to be talking at least about being more intentionally missional.

Not sure where I'm going with this, other than I was struck by a post from an old mate Michael.
It's on an Anglican site and is undoubtedly Anglican-centred. But here's a quote that struck something, it kind of makes me go "Yes, but...":
"There is no doubt that new times call for new ways of being church. The new country stands before us, but the whole church must make the journey into it. For those whose understanding of the times gives them a sense that perhaps they can see a little further ahead, there is always the temptation to rush on alone or with a few others in tow. But what seems to be required at this point is patient endurance that is held in tension with prophetic creativity. If pioneers catch glimpses of the new country, then they must speak of it wisely."

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Great post and well written. God bless, Lloyd

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