Thursday, November 26, 2009

Change, jobs and funding
Great post from Roy on redundancy and change, at a time when funding issues are affecting many.
I think the call for creativity and re-imagining how we do things is vital, but painful.
Part of the shift to post-Christendom for sure.
Andrew Jones (who has his own redundancy post) has some posted some stuff in the past about missions and the recession (start here).

My concerns for youth ministry echo Ian's thoughts that I referred to a month or so ago. For many youth stuff or anything experimental seems to be the first to face the chop. But if we are going to do anything about the hemorrhaging of the younger generations from the church, now is the time for more investment. It is certainly not the time to be moaning and asking to go back to the safety of Egypt!

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Blogger Roy said...

thanks for the link.
My brain is starting to hurt with thinking this stuff through and wondering if there are there better ways to release the investments needed. There has to be a sustainable way of working - just got to find it

10:28 am  

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