Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Post-Christian Britain
So the media is reporting a new survey which tell us what we've known for ages: the church in Britain is in decline and according to the piece in The Telegraph:
"Researchers describe a large proportion of the country as the “fuzzy faithful” who have a vague belief in God but do not necessarily belong to a particular denomination or attend services".

The article ends with the C of E spokesperson trying to talk things up.
And there are some signs of life and resurrection.
But I think it's a continuing call for those of us within the church to continue the journey of faithfulness, reimagining and bold experimenting, and to work out what a marginalised post-christendom church looks like in 21st Century Britain.
And to think seriously about where connecting points for faith-sharing begin, without pre-supposing prior knowledge.

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Blogger Chermone said...

Amen brother. The church is in decline in the west and that is because of the unfaithfulness of Christians- sadly. What we do need is to stop playing, stop over intellectualizing, stop hating and do what God has called us to do. Preach the Gospel, be instant, in season out of season. We need to live lives worthy of His mercy- knowing that we do not deserve any of it. Having fun, do good things are fine, but they will never bring someone to Christ- to church maybe (and that for a little while)- but not to Christ. It is the Spirit of God that draws a man. Any other way is a deceptive way of getting into the kingdom.

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