Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nice day for a trip to the peak district
Today the sun was shining. So it was good day to be going to Cliff College for a research conference.
The day started (after the drive up the M1) with Professor Elaine Graham giving a lecture on "Word made flesh: Becoming a practical Theologian", which was worth getting there for.
Then we had "colloquia" giving outlines and discussing our dissertations. I'm way behind most of those who presented in terms of how far I've got (partly because when I joined the course I only signed up for PG Dip but have since jumped in to the full MA). Some good questions being examined, from the role of Bishops in post-war Sudan, to sci-fi show Firefly (see this blog).
Then it was back down the M1 with the sun still shining.
Good stuff.

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