Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Temples, Churches & Castles
On Saturday I was at Alperton Baptist church talking with them about youth & children's ministry stuff. I know it's a large Gujarati population and knew there was a temple opposite the church, but (and the photo does it no justice) was struck by the detail and intricacy of the architecture of the new temple building. (click pic to see larger). It raises some big questions about outreach, being a good neighbour and approaches to ministry in a multi-faith context. (This conference with the great title "Is evangelism a sin?" looks like a good exploration of the issues)

After preaching at my home church on Sunday we set out with some friends to Wales for a bit of a Bank Holiday chill out. As it was it seems we got much better weather being away from London.
We checked out Powys Castle which was fantastic. Huge gardens and grounds, and a great castle to tour. All in all a good get away.

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