Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Becoming Missional
'Leaders become permissional and missional when they:
1)Become less purpose-driven and more dream sensitive
2) Create an atmosphere of inquiry rather than one where questions are stifled.
3) Help others "colour outside the lines" rather than looking for prefabricated performances'
from Cooke & Goodell: Permission Granted to do Church Differently, p94).

Is there a tension between leading people somewhere and being releasing or is that merely based on modern mechanistic notions of going somewhere, and mission as based on programmes and "attraction"?

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Blogger Missional Jerry said...

the trick is to lead and release at the same time

10:39 pm  
Anonymous Rick Meigs said...

I agree with Jerry. They lead their people to an understanding that they have freedom and permission to go with God and not wait for some program or others to be Jesus in their world. To do this, a missional leader is servant, example, facilitator, catalyst, teacher, encourager and resource provider.

4:37 am  

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