Monday, March 12, 2007

More on Worship
As I've probably said here before, one of the joys of a role like mine is experiencing lots of different churches approaches.
Last Sunday was a charismatic African congregation.
Yesterday morning I was the piano player for a local church's baptism service - we got through 13 hymns (and they mostly were hymns)! But it was genuine, authentic and moving.

In the evening I was speaking at another church - it was band led, enthusiastic and loud. The band were mainly Brazillian, the congregation mainly Afro-Carribean!

William Willimon has written more on worship here.
Couple of quotes:
'Who are the actors in this drama of worship? The minister, the choir, the organist or pianist, and the ushers? This makes the congregation the audience. Is that the way it ought to be? No. The congregation are actors in this divine-human drama'

'Why do we do it? We do it because we are in love. The modern world teaches us to ask, of every event and relationship, “Now what good will this do me?"... Christian worship is counter-cultural to all this. We do it, not primarily to “get something out of it,” but to give something to it. We do it because we are in love.'
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Blogger Beef said...

Hi Pete
Have just been dealing with a worship issue in a church, regarding past politics. Then I read your blog and the Willimon quotes are spot on.
Thanks for that.

9:14 pm  

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