Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lots of these tag/meme things going round. I generally ignore them - I can hear my mother warning me about chain letters!!
But Amanda tagged me a while back, so here we go:
One word answers to the following:
Yourself: Pete Lev
Your girl/boy friend: Sooz
Your hair: Shaved
Your mother: Outspoken
Your father: Generous
Your favourite item: Cars
Your dream last night: Random
Your favourite drink: Tea
Your dream car: Mercedes CLS
The room you are in: Lounge
Your fear: Dogs
What do you want to be in 10 years? Me
Who you hung out with last night: Friends
What you're not: Administrator
Muffins: Choclate
One of your wish list items: Book
Time: 12:34
The last thing you did: TV
What are you wearing: Clothes
Your favouite weather: Spring
Your favourite book: Bible (!)
Last thing you ate: Sweets
Your life: Busy
Your mood: Festive
Your body: OK
What are you thinking about right now: This
What are you doing at the moment: Blog
Your summer: Hot
Best part of your life: Everything

Think I'm supposed to tag some other dudes:I'll go for Volland & Duley


Blogger tony sheng said...

Merry Christmas Pete!

Blessings on you and your family this season - thanks for blessing others because of how God has blessed you.

2:51 am  
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6:23 pm  

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