Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas is coming...
Must be getting near Christmas as I did my first carol service today.
It's an annual "gig" where I go and play piano for a local church, for carols, kids songs, OAP's etc.
As always it was a creative/chaotic/moving/holy occaision!
The pastor gets the members to share short testimonies they've written that somehow relate to the usual Christmas readings. Powerful stuff - and means there's no need for a preach as the Gospel has already been heard so strongly.

Switched to Blogger Beta today. Seems good so far!

And I discovered some interesting stuff on Andrew's blog about some Germans who vistited my home church a couple of weeks ago (see here and here)

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Blogger Larraine said...

Goodness! After watching the vid, it looks like you got off really lightly, PTL!

6:22 am  
Blogger Pete Lev said...

Yes - I was just glad to be in the congregation and not "up front" that day!! Interesting that when they were with us the message was on "false prophets"!

2:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haven't visited your blog in a while..glad I did..worth it for this quote in the last of your links!!! "The story is told of a woman who went to talk with Charles Spurgeon, a well-known pastor. at one point, she told him she hadn't sinned in decades. to which Spurgeon reportedly responded, "you must be proud of yourself.""
Have a good Christmas. Gordon

12:17 pm  

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