Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Discussion goes on...
The discussion on training/JNC/Youth ministry etc. continues on on the Youthwork Discussion Forum.
I posted my take on some of this stuff a couple of weeks ago here.
One thing that struck me in this whole debate is that I rarely hear such discussion about adult ministry. We may value counselling or social work qualifications, but we have other criteria for selecting church leaders (ministers). Why when someone is a minister focused on young people does the water get so muddy? I know some people will cry "dualism" but it seems to me there really are 2 distinct roles or callings: those called to work as youthworkers who are Christian and who's passion is driven by God (to whom JNC would be most helpful) and those called to be spiritual ministers, pastors to youth (to whom theological training is priority). Both need each other and to learn from each other. But they need training with seperate emphasis.
But then I may be wrong...


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