Monday, December 04, 2006

Great to get a weekend off before the Christmas stuff starts, although generally this time of year gets a bit quieter work wise (no-one wants to worry about youth ministry at Christmas!).
Friday was an attempt to get Christmas shopping done - we started but by no means finished!

Saturday and Sunday we went to Gloucester to catch up with the Vollands. Michael used to do youth work in West London, but is now an Anglican Ordained Pioneer Minister commmissioned to do a "fresh expression" of church in Gloucester city centre. Good to see the family and hear about what's been going on.
It was also fun to worship at Gloucester Cathedral. Not the usual Baptist Sunday morning that's for sure!

We also attempted to watch the movie Shop Girl. To be brutally honest, if you get the chance to see it don't bother. Really not a good film.


Blogger michael volland said...

great to see you guys too!

I am still recovering from Shop Girl.
what a bunch of absolute pants and drivel...

10:55 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hiya Pete! You could do a poll on what are people worst films. One of ours has to be The Break Up which we saw the other night. OK, we did't expect much and it was still pants...

8:17 pm  

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