Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Out and About
Tomorrow we're going up to Birmingham. Suzie's booked for us to go and see Deacon Blue.
I think it was 16 years ago I last saw them play, so should be nostalgic. I hope they do the old favourites...
We also get to catch up and stay at some friends' new house.

Friday is the day I plan to catch up on stuff. Stuff to prepare for Sunday, as well as a few lose ends to tie up for an event happening next weekend: "Re:action" an LBA youth event.

Saturday off to Eastbourne for one day of the Youthwork Conference. It's probably the biggest UK youth ministry event, and I've never got to it yet as previous years it's clashed with other stuff. If you're there I'll be watching out for you!


Blogger Larraine said...

I hope it was excellent, and that the nostalgia was all good! Good to hear they're still playing together.

My local supermarket has a Deacon Blue song on their soundtrack that they seem to always play when I'm in there. I find it quite bizarre considering they never really "made" it here.

10:17 am  
Blogger Larraine said...

Me again....
meanwhile, it's less than a week now till the U2 concert postponed from St Patrick's day back in March, and I'm almost beside myself with anticipation!

1:32 am  

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