Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Phones in church?
I must have been influenced by London's buses with my posting here - nothing for ages then 3 in a row!
I'm appreciating Doug Pagitt's Preaching Re-imagined. Interesting reading it alongside other thoughts on preaching for my studies. Still getting my brain in gear on that subject.
One quote that amused me was this:
'We have a "rule" about cell phones during our worship. We say "keep them on; something important might happen"...there is something positive about telling people they need not set aside their everyday life to interact with the things of God'(p131).
Not been to too many church gatherings with that policy - normally the first thing you say when you lead an event is "turn your phone off"! (Not sure that policy would work in youth minsitry either - given that many teens are totally glued to their phones!). But it's an interesting perspective - unless the point of gathering for worship is to come aside?


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