Wednesday, November 01, 2006

On the MP3 this month...
On my travels when I'm driving I've been continuing to listen to some podcasts and MP3's.
I've been doing a few of the sessions from the Desiring God conference.
Some of this is "of its kind" - its USA, reformed, Calvinistic, conservative evangelical stuff (that in itself need not necessarily be a bad thing!).
I've not heard them all yet, but so far it was Tim Keller's session that resonated with me most.
I appreciated his call for "Gospel urbanising" - getting Christians into cities not escaping from them. He also made some helpful remarks about evangelism and the content of the message. He seemed to me to be trying to strike a balance between the "traditional evangelical" emphasis on heaven and the Kingdom emphasis favoured by many emerging church thinkers.

I also heard Todd Hunter speak on emerging evangelism (from the Soul Survivor USA site) and he struck a similar note, although he seemed to be trying to get some people to get out of just the "pray the prayer to get to heaven" box.

Makes me wonder why I didn't get an MP3 player sooner...


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