Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hot Water
On Monday night we were convinced we could smell gas in our bathroom. Our boiler had been a bit tempremental and sounded like it was exploding when you ran hot water (often resulting in the thing blowing out and needing to be re-lit). Anway on Monday things did not seem right. So after calling our managing agents handyman we called the Gas emergency line. About 1am a guy from National Grid came and did his stuff which resulted in a "Concern for Safety" notice being given. It was a late night!
The upshot is today we're havin a new thing fitted. I realise that's probably not too exciting for most people who stumble on this blog. But for me it could at last mean hot water without the hastle of relighting the boiler every few minutes!


Blogger Larraine said...

Chuckle! Takes me right on back to Loveday, and the unreliable gas there!
Hope it works now!!!

6:55 am  

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