Monday, November 27, 2006

Saturday was the LBA Re:action youth event at Edmonton Baptist. On reflection I think it was a good event, even though turnout was frankly poor.
The pic is of the wonderful gospel choir getting sorted before hand.

Yesterday at church some random German ladies (my opinion - they're probably not random, just I didn't know them!) shared some stuff about persecution and "end times". I'm still processing what they said, and although I probably wouldn't see eye to eye with them about some of the details I was glad to see them given the opportunity to share.

Today has mostly been about my essay for college. Chapter 1 is pretty much there I think, so I'm about a third of the way through working out the importance of preaching in contemporary society, with 2 weeks to go until deadline!
It's been interesting reading and working on this, raising all sorts of question about the preaching, while still going on and speaking at least once most weekends.Not sure how the essay will infliltrate my practice of ministry just yet...


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