Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I posted off my first assignment today (for my Postgrad studies in Leadership, Renewal and Mission or LRM). My work is done - all I need now is for the Royal Mail to deliver (this story is a bit worrying in that regard!).
So I can put the books about preaching back on the shelf. What was my conclusion about the importance of preaching in contemporary society? A kind of "maybe" but not in the way it was and lets get creative. It took nearly 7000 words for me to get there though! (I'll post a link to the paper in time if you're keen!).
The next module I'm doing is "Leading, Menoring and Accompanying the Emerging Church". Looking forward to it a lot. I'll be doing the second compulsory LRM module in 2008.

Jason sums up the preaching thing very well in 5 points here

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