Monday, September 18, 2006

The weekend saw celebration of the 125th anniversary of my home church.
I've been part of things for 15 years, but on Saturday there were people who came in the 1920's!
It was a good weekend (Suzie has more and pics), looking back and looking forward. The church was filled with a timeline and displays from the last 125 years, I put together an hours loop of video and stills which ran on the screen (including some great footage from the 1950's), and loads of people came.
Two of my colleagues spoke at stuff yesterday, and were spot on. One challeneged us to engage the world and not become insular, the other to stay open to the Spirit and not become a monument.




Blogger Larraine said...

Sounds fab. Would have loved to be there.
Hope there's loooots more photos where those came from!

10:33 am  

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