Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Back to School
I've never really got out of the feeling that this time of year is the new year - when I was at school, Uni, and even doing youth ministry stuff, September feels like the start of stuff.
And looking at my diary, it seems like that's the case, as the quiet summer fades into a busy autumn.

This year, however, it does mean going back to school - because I embark on some postgraduate study!
I've been accepted on a course with Cliff College (don't worry I'm not moving up north), to do their postgraduate course in "Leadership, renewal and mission". At the moment I'm due to be doing the diploma, but may be persuaded to do the full MA. I was tempted by their course on emerging church, but this seemed to offer a broader perspective which I think is helpful. I've seen the first module's reading list and there's some good stuff on there.

The prospect of formal study is a bit freaky - reading books and writing stuff doesn't phase me too much, but suddenly there are criteria to meet and standards to hit. Timing wise it'll be one intensive week at Cliff per module, and then study in "spare" time, so I'll need to be disciplined!

Meanwhile Suzie will be studying too for a qualification in personnel and HR linked to her job!
So it really is back to school in our household - and we don't even have any kids!


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