Sunday, August 06, 2006

Going Green?
I was speaking at my home church this morning on "the environment". We looked at Colossians1:15-23 and were thinking about Jesus, reconciliation through the cross for the whole cosmos, and the need to keep away from dualism which keeps us from getting involved.
It was interesting to come home and read some provocative words from Jeremy Clarkson in the motoring section of the Sunday Times (article here).
Picking up on the Bishop of London's words about flying and driving "gas guzzlers", Clarkson questions the science of climate change, and the church's percieved stance on homosexuality. Typically he doesn't mince his words:
"Few organisations know quite as much about selfishness as the Church of England. They preach to their increasingly small congregations about the iniquities of homelessness, and then lock up their churches at night to make sure tramps can’t get in and nick the communion wine.
They tell us about the need for tolerance and to forgive those who trespass against us, but won’t let homosexualists into the pulpit because that sort of thing is a sin too. And so is being a woman

It's an interesting rant and it makes you wonder how much his view reflects the wider opinion of those outside the church. And all this in an article about the Ford S-Max.




Anonymous fernando said...

I've blogged a few comments on this. Even if Clarkson's statements are not empirically true, they are a truth for many, many people.

2:48 am  

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