Thursday, July 20, 2006

Been to a few appointmnets over the last few days in the car - nothing new there, other than its been hot and sweaty (no air-con for me!).
But I've taken the opportunity to listen to a few things downloaded from Catalyst.
2 Podcast interviews with Rob Bell (here), a dialogue with Len Sweet and Donald Miller, and a talk from Erwin McManus (see Free Downloads here).
All good stuff.
Donald Miller was strong on Jesus not being a consumer product - not the answer to be "sold".
Erwin lays down the foundations of faith, hope and love.
And Rob Bell does his stuff as good as always.
Its free stuff and worth checking, even if you don't agree with everthing you hear, or need to make the journey with the material to this side of the Atlantic.

Still pondering stuff from Blah in the mix too, especially the phrase "a church should look like its zip code"!


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