Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Any Wisdom in the Blogosphere?
I recently recieved this e-mail from a church not in London, but its is a situation I know many are facing here. Just wondering if the bloggers and readers had any thoughts?

"I am doing a short project for ... a city centre church with a predominantly elderly congregation who are looking at the long term ways/implications of seeking to connect again with the under 30's, young adults families youth & children. I finish with the church in 2 weeks time and am trying to give them links/people places to start their deliberations from.
Do you know of churches in a similar profile, i.e. city centre, elderly, traditional worship culture who have begun such a journey that we might be in contact with to see how they started/how things are developing??
Would you have any advice for such a church?? Or resources to turn to?"

Feel free to comment or give me an e-mail (if you have my address!!)


Blogger Pete Lev said...

Clearly no one out there then!

11:01 pm  

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