Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Generation Gap?
Finally got round to reading a piece from the New York Metro a while back "Up with Grups".
Basically its about people in their 30's and 40's being into popular culture and refusing to grow up out of it. They wear jeans and trainers, hoodies, Ipods, and listen to the same music as their kids.
It suggests:
"This is an obituary for the generation gap"
"a seismic shift in intergenerational relationships".

Its well worth a read, you may find you're a grup!

Reminds me of
something Steve Collins wrote (speaking about alt. worship):
"But the thing we still call 'youth culture' is no longer just for the young. It was a youth culture when it began with the first teenagers back in the 1950s. Now it is the culture of 50-year-olds too. The teenagers of the 1960s still live in the 'youth culture' they created - still produce it - even though they are now in middle age. Everyone under 45 has grown up entirely inside it. It is not a thing you grow out of anymore - there is nowhere to grow out to. Even if you wanted to."

Marko commented on this a while back and suggests:
"HERE’S THE THING: the observation that the generation gap, as experienced in every previous generation, is disappearing… now THAT’S something worth talking about and studying and thinking about. what are the implications? what are the risks? what are the new opportunities this provides us — especially in the church? wow — just think of it! is it possible to conceive of a time when worship style wars won’t be drawn along generational lines? how cool would THAT be?"

What does ministry mean in this context - where what we do as youth ministry is no longer just for the young?


Blogger youthworkertim said...

Nice one Lev. I always chuckle when this sort of thing comes up at church AGM's! Worship gettin too contemporary etc... People complain about youth culture particularities when they don't even realise they still embody a lot of it! If only someone had the guts to tell some of our seniors that!!!

6:35 pm  
Blogger Beef said...

Hey I'm a grup without a shadow of a doubt but I don't believe it's about not growing up, its about recognizing who I am and what I like and believe. Very thought provoking though.

8:53 pm  

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