Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I blame the weather...
Ok so its not stinking hot in my flat anymore, but its the best excuse I can find!
On Monday I missed a meeting - having arranged it by email it never made it into my diary.
But then my PDA died anyway! I think its OK now. I've had pretty much trouble free use for 2 years, but this was not helpful!

Yesterday my PC joined in and decided not to boot up. I ran the "PC Angel" again and hence I'm here posting OK, but managed to stuff up the configuration of Outlook, which as yet remains unresolved. My data (mail, calendar etc.) is OK, but new mail doesn't retrieve and stuff won't delete. More work to be done there then.

After my texting disaster last week, I'm beginning to think I should go back to a low-tech lifestyle.


Blogger Larraine said...

It must be the season for it.
Last week my car died, in rush-hour, on one of the busiest roads around. On Tuesday, while waiting for the car to be fixed, a friend gave me a lift to an appointment. On our way home a ute cut a corner and drove over the top of us, and literally cut across the corner of her bonnet (and then drove off, once the driver had checked his undercarriage). Today my phone on/off switch stopped working. I'm hoping it's because of the rain, and it will fix itself when it dries out, but in the meantime I can't change profile - putting it on silent - or turn it off, but then, after the car I can't afford to go to the cinema any more anyway.

7:43 am  
Blogger Pete Lev said...

Wow, you win - sounds much more dramatic/traumatic!

7:51 am  

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