Monday, June 05, 2006

Youthworkers (again)
A few church youth people have responded to the issue of churches employing youthworkers.
Lewis here, Jon here.
I'd like to think they're doing more than trying to justify their own existence!
Andy has followed up with some interesting thoughts too, here a quote:
"Ending a specific and separate youth ministry would demand that we face the questions of what it means to be God's church. From a Baptist perspective it would face us with the questions of are we a prophetic, inclusive, sacrificial, missionary and worshipping community? Youth ministry avoids us having to ask those questions, at least not in the same way, with respect to our children and young people"
Takes me back to the Beyond the Youthgroup thing I wrote.

I think its essential to ask these questions.
The need for pioneering mission to young people (and not so young people) is undeniable. But that's not what most churches employ youthworkers for, and will probably result in new forms of church (in one way or another). Dig behind why most churches employ youthworkers and you get some interesting comments!


Blogger the bishop said...

I guess part of my motivation is that I am really passionate about serving young people - so therefore I want to exist! The question of why churches employ people is a good one and I think needs some more being written/researched on it.

I agree with your earlier comments that it would be great if we didnt need to employ youth workers but until there is a radical shift in church I do not see young people will naturally want to belong to it - particularly when you look at the video clip of "children of myspace" on Reluctant souls (

7:56 am  
Blogger weird hippy said...

Hopefully my existence on earth is bigger than being a youth worker:)

Some good stuff being discussed at the moment. Thanks for the questions.

12:04 pm  

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