Saturday, September 02, 2006

Visiting the past
A few months ago youtblog ran a series of posts on youthworkers and their offices (e.g here).
Well today my office got its annual make over!
It's fair to say I'd let it get into a mess, mainly because admin. is not my strong point. Personal papers, family stuff and work had all merged in to a state. With this being in my home and Suzie being good at admin it was time for action (mainly by her)!

Anyway the result looks good. But part of the process meant going through stuff that's been sat there since we moved here 2 years ago, plus other stuff that's arrived from my parents place when they had a clear out. So I looked through A Level notes (all gone), degree stuff (mostly gone) and 12 years of youthwork and ministry stuff. Nostalgia has been in the air quite a bit recently anyway (I've been sifting through old photos and video for my home church's 125th celebrations).
No profound revelations, but it's always amazing to look back and see God at work.
And to see the relevance of all those lectures on popular culture and postmodernism when I was at Uni!

Photo as requested- it's a work in progress - still need to sort some stuff in the next couple of days!


Anonymous Youthblog said...

Come on then, lts see a photo of the office! It would be good to see blog/youth work/London Baptist admin central.

8:19 pm  
Blogger Pete Lev said...


1:02 pm  
Blogger Sarah Brush said...

That is scarily tidy. I think I'd need to mess it up a bit before I cd do ANYTHING! ;oP Well done though!

5:03 pm  

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