Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Whatever happened to...
Do you ever get those moments where you look for something that used to be common and easy to find to discover it's no longer around?
We've been hunting for gummed paper - the kind that was everywhere when I was a kid, that you lick and stick. It was for a creative prayer idea for the weekend (Suzie's idea). Anyway you can't get it easily locally - not in Hobbycraft, Woolworths, Smiths, £1 stores, Early Learning -it just doesn't exist!
And then you become grateful for the internet - because of course you can get it online (even if delivery on time costs a fortune!). So if you ever need gummed paper check out or
Now you know!

Makes me wonder what else used to be common but now is hard to track down...


Blogger Murray said...

There was something i thought of the other day - but seem to have forgotten it just now. I think i was having a similar discussion... it's not that i'm just a bit dizzy!!!!! I'm sure it will come back to me :o)

3:14 pm  

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