Thursday, September 28, 2006

Blog Traffic
For those concerned with keeping an up to date blog, and who believe "a blog without daily updates dies very fast" fear not!
I've just come accross a new service:
You advertise for a "blog sitter" who posts for you in your absence and you can keep things ticking along!
(Of course you could always just find a friend to do it). Amazing!
Personally I don't believe that a blog without daily posting dies - but then I don't blog to make money!


Blogger Matt said...

Nice blog. Best wishes for your ministry.

5:05 pm  
Blogger Roy said...

what an interesting idea? could lead to some amusing posts!!!

5:16 pm  
Blogger Wulf said...

I think it is probably a better long-term plan to find a blogging solution that lets you post items in advance, unless hosting a site with guest bloggers is something you particularly want to do.

9:57 am  

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