Friday, March 04, 2005

We are not the future! Posted by Hello
Preparing for a talk/session for Saturday on "Dreams and Vision" (for a youth event I used to run!). I've been drawn to the call of Jeremiah - especially where God says "Do not say I am a youth" (Jer 1:7), and have been thinking about how we inspire young people to "go for it" now and in the future.
This article: We are not the future from Relevant puts it well:
"Young people have a future, no doubt, but we also have a present and a past. By equating ourselves with the future, we have inhibited the contribution we can make to our communities, culture and churches today."

Apart from that, my fear in any thinking about dreams and vision or vocation stuff in general is the we normalise the exceptional, and risk setting people up for disappointment. Many people don't have grand dreams or a dramatic calling - they just work out what it means to serve God in the day to day. But somehow that seems less "spiritual" than a voice from heaven calling someone to Outer Mongolia!


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