Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Team Work
Yesterday I was part of a training day on Team Ministry. I went a bit reluctantly fearing naff team building exercises and stuff. But it was a good day.
A lot of the stuff was familiar but it was good to hear it again. We were led by in part by Colin Buckland who runs the
Claybury Trust an organization supporting leaders. He said some good stuff about ministry stress, why we should have a team :
team should come from strategy not stress"
and the need for a team to have a focus and goals.
So much resonated with the questions I ask churches who want to employ youth ministry staff - employing staff comes from mission and vision, but often churches want the youth worker to set the vision and then shout when it doesn't fit their agendas!

In the afternoon we looked at conflict, led by Alastair from Bridge Builders/
The London Mennonite Centre. Again familiar but helpful - looking at our conflict styles - how much is about tasks/vision and how much about relationships, as well as ways to keep a team healthy (including the interesting suggestion of whole team non-managerial supervision).

All in all good stuff - and lots of relevant points both for my own team working in the LBA and also in working with churches and youth workers (paid and voluntary).


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