Thursday, February 17, 2005


Mike Yaconelli suggests that creativity should be one of the Core Realities of youth ministry.
He suggests it is "the ability to bring in to existence something new by using one's imagination, ingenuity and inventiveness" (Core Realities, p132).
Well I say bring it on!
We so need creativity as we re-imagine not just youth ministry but church and worship, mission and community in our post-Christendom world.
And yet the church often marginalises the creatives that are "one the edge".
I'm often challenged by the line in Pete Greigs
24-7 prayer vision about the "freaks and the weirdos". But so often they are the artists, creative people.
Where am I going with this? Not sure! But just a feeling that we need to allow the Holy Spirit space to release creativity in our churches - even if it pushes us outside our comfort zones and theologies.


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