Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Interesting discussion on Youthblog - picking up some stuff from my previous post.
Most of the stuff Campolo said about theology is in Adventures in Missing the Point , his joint offering with Brian Mclaren.

I'm reminiscing - having spotted Allan Moore as one of the "experts" on last nights Channel 5's offering Britain's Greatest Love songs. Allan is from the University of Surrey, but I studied under him in Ealing (at TVU) . He taught fantastic modules such as Music and 20th Century thought (where, strangely, he made reference to Bruegemann's The Bible and Postmoden Imagination) and Popular Music , although I remember having a major nose-bleed during a class on Music of other cultures!

Anyway it reminded me that depsite TVU's naff reputation I was fortunate to get some decent lecturers, like Allan, and Angela McRobbie.
Its also amazing looking back to see how God was in the stuff that happened - and how relevant so much of the stuff I studied is to now!


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