Monday, February 14, 2005

Some good comments and reflections in
blogland coming from the Matrix conference. For example Roy, Ian, Kathryn, Sarah.
Thing that I'm pondering on is around how the much the cultural/epistemological shift to postmodernism requires a new theologising. That seemed to me to be Campolo's stance.
Calvinism was good for the 16th Century but what about now? As someone who feels that part of their call is to "sound doctrine" it raises questions of what that really means! How do we avoid preferencing the novel (especially for youth ministry), without getting struck in the past?
As Campolo reminded us theology is always inadequate. But as Sally Nash said - theology must go ahead of methodology.

I'm also thinking about the impromptu "round the table" seminar with Bob Mayo that I was privileged to be part of - and his thoughts that the shift is from "relational" to "narrative" coming out of the relationship.


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