Friday, February 04, 2005

2 interesting articles struck me when browsing
Theooze today.
The first is called
Management theory & the church. As well as being thought provoking for church life in general, it resonated with me some stuff I've been thinking about youth ministry. If we take youthwork as our starting point rather than ministry do we miss something? Sure we can learn from the statutory scene, and serve God in it. But what does it look like to take ministry and theology as our start and then work that out with young people as our "field" or locality? This raises the issue of professionalism.
To quote the article:

'Trusting in management theory[or sociology/psychology/youthwork theories] is a part of the larger professionalization of the ministry. As John Piper has written in his recent book, Brothers We Are Not Professionals, “"There is no professional weeping, no professional Christ-likeness, no professional love”..." '.

The second article is The Problem I have with programs. Enough Said!


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