Thursday, February 24, 2005

Just do it!
Been struck by several things/converstaions which have reminded me that some of us find it easier to talk about suff than actually do it.
Of course its important to refelct, theologise, learn etc., but sometimes we just need to get on with the mission we're called to.
Same applies to discipleship - I can teach it quite well, train youth leaders in it but am I willing to be accountable, face my issues and get real? I recently asked a friend from the USA what after 3 years of working in the UK his reflection was on our youth ministry - his answer? "Make disciples".
And this could be said about so many areas of our lives. Yes I know its balance, but the gospel is not just about words, but the demonstration of the Spirit and power.
Now before this turns in to a rant (more words), I'll refer you to something Todd has said that I came accross in blogworld:
"Anyway, you get the point. Let’s not get bogged down on whether we are post-modern or not. The questions is, are we getting about the mission He gave us?"
(from his helpful post "forget post-modern for now")


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