Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Entertain them?
Seems good to follow the theme of my last post with a link and quote from Ivy Beckwith (not that I'm saying Stopsley are doing anything less than excellent work!).
She's the author of
Postmodern Childrens Ministry (which is on my wish list!).
Commenting on some prominent children's ministries in the US she says:

"And I find the over emphasis on the entertainment environment with "gross" games (for some reason this is a way to worship God - thought I'm not sure I get how - so do the kids really see this as worship?) and the seeming lack of one on one interaction with adults and other kids as not something that can truly contribute to the spiritual formation and soul care of these children."

Applies equally to youth ministry I think! Although in the UK those days are largely over?


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