Thursday, March 03, 2005

School Uniforms & Religious Freedom
Lots in the media about the case of the Luton school girl winning her appeal about wearing a full-length jilbab gown to school.
This raises huge issues - the BBC suggests "school uniforms may need review".
The Times quote
The Muslim Council of Britain who
'said that the decision was a "very important ruling on the issue of personal freedom"'.

There are clearly questions about this case - which are complex and we don't know the facts. But the question of religious freedom is a key one and I think this is a positive result from the courts. Its seems to me a half way compromise would be inefficient - you either go the French way and try and keep religion out of school or you go for freedom. I know which I think is preferable...
This is also a story about young people making faith decisions and being willing to stand for what they believe- surely something else we can learn from?


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