Monday, March 07, 2005

Andrew Jones
suggest the best "new thing" I've seen in a long time!
"Choraeoke? I just made that up - its like Karaoke and its like chorus singing, but there is video and the words whizzing across the screen just when you need them - and everyone can sing along, instead of one bad singer on the stage."
Having experienced "Sing-a-longa" I think this is genius!
I've often though that Songpro and those other Christian song pogrammes needed the bouncing ball. This just takes it to a new and improved level!
Andrew suggests using:
"Other favourites on the vinyl?
- Godspell (totally rocks)
- George Beverly Shea (acquired taste)
- early Keith Green"
I'd like the musical "Come Together" (from Owens family) or anything accomanied by Derek Moon!


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