Thursday, December 13, 2007

Youth Church
10 years ago the notion of "Youth Church" was very much the in thing. Since then we've gotten all "emerging" and "fresh expression"/"mission shaped".
So has the idea of youth church plateaued? Are people still intentionally doing this? And is this just about "trends" or the product of robust theological and missiological thinking?
I've been asked some questions to help some research, and a couple of other conversations have bought this up. Here are some of the questions - in case anyone has better answers than me:
  • How would you define a youth church? What distinguishes it from a “normal” multi-generational church?
  • Can you summarize quickly what is happening in this scene of youth churches globally?
  • How have leaders in this movement handled the concept of youth church theologically and ecclesiologically?
  • Are youth churches making the transition into multi-generational churches? If not, what happens to them?
  • Are most youth churches in England youth groups of existing churches who want their own worship service or are they church plants into the youth culture?
I'll post my answers when I've formulated them a bit better!

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Blogger Roy said...

good questions......will have to put my thinking cap on

9:50 am  
Blogger Jonathan said...

I wonder if part of the reason for the move on from interest in youth church to emererging or fresh expressions has been the discovery that the need for new ways of doing and being church was felt not just by young people but also by older generations. So the distinguishing factor ceased to be age, and became outlook, approach, style. What suits those who engaged with youth church was likely to engage plenty of pomo people, no?

12:18 pm  

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