Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gigs and Graduations
Sunday night Hammersmith Apollo was our destination to see Deacon Blue. Fair to say it was a mature audience, but a good night. Last year we saw them in Birmingham. Hammersmith was a good venue, especially as our seats got upgraded from the very back to the stalls!
Loads of great photos from the gig here. And if you're interested a set list here.

On Monday the Mrs was graduating at the Barbican with her CPP course from TVU. She did well on the course (and even won a "best student award" from the professional body)! Nice one Mrs!
I'n a TVU alumnus, but I never went to my graduation.

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Blogger Larraine said...

BIG congrats to Suzie, and HUGE jealousy over the gig!

10:00 am  

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