Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Admitting Defeat
I've had a London-wide role for 7 years now, and today for the 2nd time the traffic won! Choosing which method of transport to use to get to places and which route is a delicate business, but today I was beaten by the North Circular/A406.
The first time (several years ago now) I was beaten by the South Circular! I often by-pass the M25 as that is famed for its jams.

I don't think twice in 7 years to miss meetings due to travel chaos is a bad record, and I think travelling in London, even on the roads, is easier than many people perceive it to be. But clearly more investment in transport is needed, and while the mayor's freeze on some fares is to be welcomed, freezing travel cards would also be helpful (and the announcement of the prize freeze coming just before the London Assembly elections next year seems a bit suspect to me!)

Anyway if you are going to use the A406, this site is a helpful guide to make life more interesting!

(pic from BBC)

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Blogger Roy said...

only twice? The north circular is on my journey to and from has beaten me 3 times this week!! ;-)

2:46 pm  

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