Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day & PC Crashes
It's "blog action day" and bloggers are being asked to post about the environment.
I would have done this earlier, but my hard drive crashed. This has happened before so I'm wondering if rather than re-installing everything and getting my hopes up I should just bite the bullet and fit a new hard drive. As I've got to re-install pretty much everything from back-up anyway it might be the best idea. I shall wait and see how the current one fares for a day with a "clean" Windows install and little else before deciding.

Anyway the topic is the environment. A while ago I found some interesting papers on Christian mission and the environment at the Redcliffe College journal "Encounters". Helpful stuff.

Personally I want to confess that often desire to do more on environmental stuff doesn't always translate into action. Like those days when driving is more appealing than walking/public transport (I had that today), so you drive. Or when you only realise after binning it that it could be re-cycled.
Of course we all need to do our bit, and could do more. But like so much in life sometimes belief needs to be shown in action. But I appreciate the call that creation care is to be as much about mission than "stewardship".

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