Friday, September 21, 2007

Talking Youth Ministry in London
Yesterday I was giving a paper at a gathering of the London Urban Theology Project. This is an interesting project set up by Steve Latham, a Baptist minister in London , where people present short papers for discussion reflecting on ministry issues in London.
Yesterday it was my turn to present, alongside a couple of others. The paper I did was called "Mind the Gap" and if you're really keen its here. Unashamedly some of the stuff is adapted from "Beyond the Youthgroup", but it also goes into the gap between outreach youthwork and work with church young people. Seemed to go down OK, although I was a little freaked when an urban youthwork veteran, Mike Eastman turned up (Mike co-authored a book with Steve on Urban Ministry a couple of years back). Anyway Mike's experience made an interesting discussion - he was telling youth work stories from way before my time (literally).

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