Thursday, August 16, 2007

Size Matters?
Sometimes when the Mrs is not taking her car to work (as happened yesterday) and I've got to get somewhere I take her car (Ford KA, similar to the pic). Usually I drive what in the UK would be a medium size car (until recently a Toyota Corolla).
One thing I've observed (unless it's my paranoia) is that some other drivers treat you differently in a small car. This is especially true of drivers of so-called "prestige" make cars. The KA handles well and has plenty of "umph". But on dual carriageways and the like some people think you shouldn't be in the over taking lane in small car. I could be driving the same way in a bigger car and it would be no problem, but in the small car people don't seem to like it.
In a weird way for some (usually men) size matters. Maybe something deeper is going on for them...

Irrelevant but vaguely related link: what would Jesus drive?

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