Thursday, July 26, 2007

Worst Young People
Apparently Britain's teenagers are the worst in the world. Or something like that!
Actually it's worst in Europe according to a new report. (see here, and the wonderful Daily Mail here).
Findings range from stating that 44% had been in a physical fight in the last year to "Just 64 per cent ate a main meal with their parents several times a week, against 93 per cent in Italy".
Be interesting to read the full report rather than just the tabloid headlines.

Linked to this is news that the government plans to invest more in youth clubs:
"Regular attendance at extra-curricular clubs helped pupils manage their emotions better, cut down on anti-social behaviour and "radically improve" life chances" .
The idea is for a club in every neighbourhood (BBC here), with "constructive" after school activities on the agenda.
Could be a great opportunity for some creative churches...

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Anonymous Claire said...

I read these headlines as well and whilst it appears from the statistics used that there are some big issues in our country, it doesn't half bother me that that's what the newspapers focus on. There are a whole load of young people, not just Christian young people who are a long way from the drunken vandalising yobs that we seem to constantly read about!

I agree that there are fantastic opportunities for creative churches however - perhaps it's also up to us to get some of the good news around the place as well!

2:04 pm  

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