Thursday, July 19, 2007

Big Babies
One of my holiday reads was "Big Babies" by Michael Bywater.
Its a kind of ranting polemical book on the state of Western culture.
He contends that people these days don't grow up, and that government and other agencies add to our self-absorbed perpetual adolescence. We are constantly being told what to do and being warned of danger, and therefore end up no longer thinking for ourselves. We are being watched, and mothered by the state.
Bywater also sees religion and the church as part of this controlling mechanism. In all honesty he's probably right about some part of the church at some times. But he is somewhat unfairly dismissive in my view ("We should distrust ourselves if we believe God loves us. At best God tolerates us and his self-interest is at the root of it all"p236).
He also seems to delight in swearing and using the "F***" word for emphasis, perhaps to prove how grown up he is? (my junior school teacher used to say swearing was a sign of a lack in vocabulary).

Anyway you can read most of the good bits in this Telegraph article. And this reviewer loved it!
It was an interesting read - but by the end you've got the message, and I found myself almost giving up on the book as he seemed to be going on a bit. But maybe I need to grow up to appreciate it...



Blogger Jos Goedmakers (Netherlands) said...

This is at least worth the Nobelprize!

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