Sunday, July 15, 2007

Youth Ministry Realities
Two youth ministry things got me thinking this weekend.
First was "Back to Summer", an event in Ealing with Back to Reality. It was a nice event: Bar-b-q, music, games, Wii etc., and magician (fresh from TV work). Numbers were less than they had hoped but it was good chilled event - some youth bringing friends etc. I was merely there to help the cooking! But it was good to see an inter-church thing work well.

Today I was taking the youth group for one or our churches. It was good to experience the realities of Sunday morning youth group again - 25 young people in a small hot room, with noise from the adult service on one side and from the younger groups on the other, limited space, dependant on other groups timings and less than ideal conditions. You have to admire the youth leaders who run groups like this week after week trying to come up with creative ideas and nurture young people. Don't get me wrong - this is a good church that takes youth ministry seriously - but I was struck by how much such vital work is sidelined, separated and in way isolated (maybe not at this church but generally).
It'll certainly make me more aware when training leaders, and shows just how much work needs to be done with churches.

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